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Wheat Beer

Brewing started on Sunday 25th June 2006
The malt was crushed, then mashed in a Burco boiler with 3 gallons of water for 2 hours. This was then transferred to a brew bin, and the remaining mash was sparged with 2 gallons of cold water into the brew bin.
The remaining malt was then discarded, and the liquor returned to the Burco. The sugar and hops were added, and this mixture was brought to the boil and boiled for 30 minutes.
Some Irish Moss was added after 15 minutes to aid in clearing.
The resultant liquor had a gravity of 1020 at approximately 70 degrees C, which would equate to an OG of approx 1028.
The brewing bin was moved onto a base heater, and Lager yeast was added the next morning once the liquor had cooled.
It is presently bubbling away nicely...

Update - after a week in the brew bin, the beer was syphoned off into four demijohns for a second week.

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